A wee tour…

The morning after I moved in I got a tour of Belfast from Harry, the director Community Restorative Justice Ireland (CRJI) where I’m doing my internship. We went around to see most (I think 4 or 5) of the CRJI local offices in different communities around Belfast as well as the central office. We also saw some of the “Peace Walls” that have been built and expanded since the beginning of the troubles more than four decades ago. The walls lie in the most violent interface zones between Nationalist (mainly Catholic) and Unionist (mainly Protestant) neighborhoods. You can see stretches where a 10 foot high wall was not enough, so another 7 feet was added on top of that and then some more on top of that, I think the tallest segments are about 40 feet tall. We also stopped at several memorials for lives lost on both sides. There was more, but I cannot really articulate my thoughts on the tour yet. I learned so so much, and really felt the immediacy of the legacy of the Troubles. In the City Centre and the area around Queens where I am living you can’t really see the segregation and unrest still quite real in these other parts of the city. My mind is full of thought and reflection, but I still have so much to learn… I will probably return to my musings on this tour and the parts I haven’t gotten to, but not in this moment.


1 thought on “A wee tour…

  1. Annie

    Very moving ….this is a conflict that I grew up hearing about in the news, but have so little understanding of it, how powerful that so much can be learned from it


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