First week at CRJI: Part Two (the delightful mundane things I suppose)

Throughout the week there were many many introductions and a lot of tea. SO MUCH TEA. And very tasty tea too. On the first day in the office I must have been offered tea at least six times within the first three minutes I was there. I kept explaining that I had just barely finished a cup of tea. By about lunchtime I had realized that having just finished a cup of tea was not a legitimate reason to turn down another cup of tea. Over the course of three days in the office I must have had at least 15 cups of tea, and turned down at least 20 or 200. Hopefully by the end of the summer I’ll be able to keep up.

I took the bus each morning out to a CRJI office. I was quite pleased to navigate the bus system without any major issues. “Navigate” really only meaning that I got on the bus where is originated and then when the driver told me to… I got off the bus, and was there. And perhaps there were some very minor issues… like getting on the wrong bus before I found the right bus… and the fact that after a long struggle to count out the proper change for the bus fare I finally just held out my hands full of coins and the driver took what was owed (this may or may not have happened at the grocery store too…and the convenience store…). I am much better with the change now, but really, why did they have to make sooo many different coins? All different shapes and sizes and really hard to read and the size of the coins does NOT correspond directly with how much they are worth. …I suppose the dime is smaller than the nickel… but we only have 4 coins compared to the five trillion over here. I do like the currency overall however, I am having fun saying and paying for things in pounds and pence.


4 thoughts on “First week at CRJI: Part Two (the delightful mundane things I suppose)

  1. Jane

    I love hearing about your days!!…very funny about the tea. These people are serious and make my two to sometimes three cups a day seem so trivial. You must however need to go to the bathroom frequently. :-) Hey just thought I would mention that your great great grandmother, Katherine Mannix was from Ireland. This is MY father’s grandmother. His mother was Nana Bent who lived w/ us in Milton ( maiden name Mary Elizabeth Mace) was born in So. Boston but her mother who we never knew was from Ireland somewhere so you are.a tiny but Irish by your great, great grandmother. I have wondered if her clan could have been from he Isle of Mann–between N. Ireland and England. I think there is a ferry from Belfast! .

  2. Aaron Voldman

    Abigail, so thrilled to see you are writing this blog. I am looking forward to following and reading about your journey. How amusing to hear the tea story, and of your challenges with currency! Best wishes! – Aaron

  3. Sanders H. Milens

    A Lightly story!!!!!!!!They only drink Irish Whiskey there. I know. I was in an Ireland Airport many years ago and had trouble finding my gate!!!!!!! Love, Uncle SHM


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