Little bits of life

We got 2 new roommates last week! Both are very very nice, although one of them I actually haven’t laid eyes on for days. Sometimes I think I hear her in the kitchen but the NO ONE IS THERE! What if there is a ghost?!? It is probably more likely that I am just hearing things that are not in the kitchen through the super thin walls.

It has been gray and sort of rainy for the past week and always just a bit chilly, so that’s…not the most fun… although I suppose it is a little bit fun because I get to wear my bright purple raincoat, which is the best. I do miss the sun though.

I have been cooking a lot, and getting angry at recipes for telling me how many grams of x or y I need. 80g of sugar means absolutely nothing to me. Nothing. I don’t know how much that is. I have also been eating a lot of nutella.

Yesterday I impulse-bought half of a pumpkin. I don’t yet know what I’ll do with it. The pumpkin was the highlight of my weekend… I need to get out more.


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