Too many interesting things!

Ahhh! I wish I could share every little thing I am learning here and everything that inspires me daily. You probably do not wish that though. It would be a bit overwhelming, also probably confusing.

I have a couple unfinished posts that I am hoping to post this week, but I will power through my last two weeks. Two weeks ago I shadowed Karen, the Family and Youth Coordinator. She deals with a range of cases involving youth and families…obviously. Last week my placement was in CRJI’s Colin office. Colin is a neighborhood on the edge of Belfast, or perhaps more accurately right outside of the city. The community is largely underprivileged and the area has a poor reputation, but even in the short time I have been here so far I have learned about several really fascinating and encouraging efforts to vitalize and strengthen the community. This local office definitely had a different feel, but I continued to feel welcomed and well-supported each day!

I also had chips and gravy! So much gravy! I also learned that “pasties” in Ireland are not the same as the common meaning of “pasties” in the US. This was immediately obvious when I saw them on a menu.

Also my mom is visiting for a smidge! Many fun adventures packed into six short days!


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